Best Budget Custom 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

There are many different mechanical gaming keyboards to choose from. Choosing the right one depends on your personal preference. Mechanical keyboards are best for gamers who need a quick response. Generally, they feature a linear switch, which helps to maximize gaming speed. However, they can be too sensitive for everyday typing. The best mechanical keyboards use Cherry MX switches. These are the fastest and silentest switches on the market.

60% keyboards are more ergonomic than full-sized keyboards. They have fewer keys and are smaller, so users don’t have to struggle with finding the right position. In addition, 60% keyboards are often lightweight, making them convenient to carry. They are also easier to build than full-size keyboards, and 60% keyboard parts are usually cheaper than those used for full-size keyboards.

RedThunder K61: This keyboard has an attractive design. Made of ABS plastic, it has 61 keys. It has Otemu switches in red, blue, and brown. It also supports Bluetooth and features an RBG backlight. It’s available on Amazon for a budget price.

60% keyboards don’t feature a standard layout, but they are still compatible with most popular switches. This makes them ideal for gamers on a budget. They also have a more compact size and use standard PCBs. Most 60% keyboards have dedicated arrow keys, while others require that the arrow keys be used with the FN key.

The Drop + Tokyo Tokyo60 is one of the best budget 60% custom mechanical keyboard kits available. Besides its HHKB style backspace and 60% aluminum construction, it has screw-in stabilizers. The Tokyo60 is a very solid keyboard for gamers, but you may want to add an under-PCB stabilizer to make it even more rigid.

The GIM KB-64 is another excellent option for gamers on a budget. This keyboard features USB Type C connectivity and 64 keys. It is compatible with MacOS, Windows, and Linux. With USB Type C connectivity, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable gaming keyboard.

When looking for a gaming keyboard, you should also consider hot-swappable keys. This feature allows users to swap out switches without removing the PCB board. However, if a keyboard isn’t hot-swappable, pulling on the switch may damage the keyboard. To avoid such issues, you should opt for a hot-swappable keyboard. This will make the entire experience much easier and enjoyable for you.